I'm thankful for autumn weather.

I have another post in draft form right now, but I figured I would eschew that for a post about Thanksgiving as it is much more topical.

Thanksgiving is awesome, mostly because it’s a random break in the middle of the semester. But it’s also about awesome, free, made-by-parents food, which is obviously welcome to any starving college student. Oh, and I get to see my family. I guess that’s ok. I’m kidding, I love you guys.

I will use Thanksgiving as an excuse to talk about something more important. The overarching philosophical lesson we can glean from Thanksgiving is that it feels great to acknowledge all the good things in your life. I’m owning up right now – my life is fucking fantastic. If I ever complain about anything in this blog, it’s only because I like thinking about things for fun, or else because I’m upset that other people’s lives are not as fantastic as mine and I would like to fix it. There are so many things going my way, it would actually be easier to list the things that I’m not thankful for rather the things that I am thankful for. But, that would probably be depressing (ie: I’m not thankful for the lack of meaning in the universe), so here’s a short list of things that I am thankful for.

I’m thankful…

  • that I never have to be hungry or thirsty if I don’t want to.
  • that I live in a time where information is so freely and readily available.
  • that my future is bright and my opportunities diverse.
  • that my body is healthy, normal, and capable.
  • for my ability to think critically, analytically, and introspectively.
  • for all of my amazing friends who I love to hang out with, have long conversations with, play games with, work through problems with, and do just about anything with.
  • for my beautiful girlfriend whom I love and who loves me.
  • for my parents who managed to give me anything I wanted without spoiling me, and my sister who is chill as fuck.
  • for my high metabolism and energy.
  • for cheez its.
  • for music.
  • for evolution.
  • the list goes on.

All of these things make my life amazing. If you don’t think your life is amazing, think about it… perhaps there is more to be happy about than you think. Perhaps the things you worry about are really not so bad, or maybe the bad things are more easy to fix than you think. There are many bad things in the world, and many intractible problems. I can guarantee that if you are reading this, most of your problems are not of this nature. Life is what you make of it, and I’m thankful that I make it to be awesome. No matter what I end up doing with my life, I’m determined to have a blast doing it.

Happy Thanksgiving everybody. Take it easy.

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