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As many of you probably noticed, I have not updated my blog in quite some time. You may further be in a subset of the aforementioned group, being also in the group who has realized that in failing to update my blog I have failed to uphold one of my new years resolutions,  which was to update my blog every week. I had previously scheduled this blog post to be covering a very deep and important topic, but I have decided instead to let you know that I have adjusted my resolutions.

A resolution adjustment is natural, and largely expected. There is no way, given my indecisive and perfectionist tendencies, that I could take a set of rules and adhere to them indefinitely. My Ten Commandments established at the beginning of the year (representing 10 new years resolutions) have been torn down and built up anew. As I remove Commandments, I will keep adding more for the sake of consistency, such that I always have 10. This is purely symbolic.


     These were my original Ten Commandments:

1) Maximum 1 hour of reddit each day.

2) Minimum 1 hour physical activity each day.

3) Minimum 1 blog post each week.

4) Maximum 10 minute showers.

5) In person > call > email. Text only when necessary.

6) Eat at Hoyt 5 days a week, home 2 days.

7) Fulfill all obligations.

8) No more porn.

9) Collect mementos.

10) Never lose perspective.


     These are my revised Ten Commandments, 2/14/2012:

1) Make 1 blog post weekly, on Sunday night at midnight, even if there is nothing to say.

2) Exercise at least once each day.

3) Spend less time online.

4) Always call when it is most efficient to do so.

5) Never spend money unless socially motivated.

6) Find a source of income.

7) Read before lecture.

8) Fulfill obligations.

9) Don’t forget friends.

10) Never lose perspective.


     Why the changes?

I have learned a lot and changed a lot this semester, in just a few weeks. My resolutions need to change accordingly. They will be ever-changing as I grow. Every couple months or so I’ll probably update them.

  • The 10 minute maximum shower rule had to go, because I have already completed it. I no longer ever take showers longer than 10 minutes, and can sometimes do them in 5. My goal is to be able to wake up, take a shower, and get dressed in 10 minutes every day by the end of the semester. By far my most successful resolution.
  • I already eat at Hoyt all the time, I need no reminder for it, so that’s gone too. The same can be said for collecting mementos. Things that I already do naturally should not be on this list anymore. By the way, I’m getting to know Hoyt better than ever, and that’s very exciting for me. I even have keys and do workshift and everything.
  • Many of my other rules were poorly defined. In order for a Commandment to be useful, it has to be enforceable, that is to say that I can reasonably measure what I’m doing and feel remorse if I don’t do it. This was not the case with a lot of my old rules. For instance, if I say “1 hour of physical activity each day,” then on the days where I don’t have an hour to spare, I might just not exercise at all. And does the hour count set up and cool down time? This makes for a poor Commandment overall. I’m attempting to solve this problem by making my commandments more flexible but also more powerful. “Exercise once each day” means that I have to do at least something before I go to bed.
  • Some of these have to do with money. I want to start looking for work for the summer and/or during the school year. I want to start saving up – right now I’m only spending. I would also like to ease the financial strain I put on my parents.
  • “Don’t forget friends.” I have a lot of friends in Berkeley that I don’t see often. I should at least eat with them some time and catch up. There’s Dominion playing that needs to get done as well. There are also some burned bridges that I would like to try and repair. As a civil engineer, I feel I am suited for the job.

That’s all for now. I have plenty ideas for things to talk about, I just need the time to sort out my thoughts and get those ideas down. That’s what this blog is all about, after all. Until then, I’ll be working on my resolutions. I’m on my way to stop needing to do things, and to start getting things done.


Speaking of which, what do you get when you put a great band, and great song, and a ton of money together?

    • David
    • February 16th, 2012

    I was going to come here and criticize you, and then I read the post. Things changed.

    In any case, I think that regardless of how uneventful your week has been, your mind is so actively open and able to synthesize certain things you experience, however small, or to recall certain memories, however random, that you can put something on here each week.

    Like the blog is named, it need only be a momentary blink, a sudden realization or curiosity that you think of to disrupt our normal thoughts. That will really be sufficient. At least, it will be for me.

    • Steven Davies (Zero)
    • February 16th, 2012

    nice civil engineer pun
    also, what you get is a lot of hipster hate

    • Alex DeLarge
    • February 16th, 2012

    I guess you gave up completely on porn…

    • Alex DeLarge
    • February 16th, 2012

    Well that was a momentary stint
    I momentary think

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