It’s that time of year again. School is over in a matter of weeks, and I’m fairly screwed in most of my classes.

A typical pattern, to be sure, although unfortunately this semester has been harsher on me than past ones. My performance is going down, while averages are going up. I don’t know what’s going on, but it’s not good. At the end of this semester I’ll need to take some time to think about the decisions I’ve made and where I might have done better. This is all academically speaking, of course – my friends here at Berkeley continue to be awesome and I’m so grateful that I have them.

It is true crunch time now. Extreme catch up work is necessary if I’d like to escape my classes with halfway decent grades. This has the potential to be my worst semester at Cal – hopefully I can keep my head above the water.

On a lighter note, here’s my new favorite song. What can I say. It’s just so damn catchy.

    • Guess Who
    • April 18th, 2012

    Everytime finals comes around I always almost crumble from an extreme combination of stress, guilt and shame. I think its the reason people graduate early and so forth, because the learning process is not bad, staying in school is easier than going out there. But for finals time my life would be incredibly easy.

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