ASC log 6/27/12: The Second Day

The salt flats of Utah.


What a beautiful morning! I woke up at 5:40 AM to the sun, and the world is chilly, bright, and green, and the air is crisp. Got 6 hours of sleep without interruption, not bad. I’m typing this up as the rest of my team slumbers. Today we embark for Wyoming, which I suspect to be a bit more bleak than Nevada unfortunately, but perhaps have a bit more vegetation at least. I’ll follow up later tonight. My team stirs now, so I should help take down camp and get ready to set out again.


Again I find myself typing while everyone else tries to sleep. Now I’m in a separate tent so I don’t feel quite so bad. Today was a very interesting day – I left Nevada, completely traversed Utah, and ended up in Wyoming. Among the three, Utah was by far the best. I am excited to spend more time to visit Utah on the trip back. Driving through Utah, we passed by the expansive salt flats and Bonneville Speedway, which I almost pulled over at just for kicks. The salt flats were really something else. It was flatter than any place I’ve ever seen before. It looked like it had just snowed everywhere, except it was actually quite hot outside. The heat and the vast flatness of the landscape created very interesting mirages, which gave the illusion that our car was entirely surrounded by water on all sides.


After a time we passed the Great Salt Lake, which basically looked like an ocean and made me feel like I was back in the bay, and then made our way into Salt Lake City. That’s another place that I would like to visit again in the future – the city is a massive grid, with wide 6 lane boulevards and huge, nice parking spaces everywhere. Definitely not like Berkeley or San Francisco, where I’m used to cramped quarters, weird bendy roads, and no parking whatsoever.


The rest of the landscape of Utah was very interesting, ranging from salt flats, to lakes, to Nevada-esque deserts, to plains, to lush green hills that resembled Switzerland (or what I imagine Switzerland to be like) to large, epic-looking rock formations. The rock formations were amazing; they were so gigantic and colorful, and they exposed a rich geological history of the area.


After making some PB&J’s in a parking lot outside of a nice looking lingerie shop, we drove onward, passing entirely through Utah and onto Wyoming. The only good thing I have to say about Wyoming is that the wind is very impressive. I suppose that would explain why the most interesting thing we passed was a windfarm. And a quaint little detour called Little America, whose billboards were far more impressive than the actual attraction. I had a nice long chat about TV shows and Game of Thrones in the car with my passenger while we passed a lot of boring nothingness, and arrived at the Western Hills Campground in Rawlins, Wyoming. This place is actually very nice, despite being largely an RV park. There are showers, toilets, sinks, a mini-golf course, a play structure, and a nice little place to tent. We even found a bunny on the lawn, although it expressed no interest in us.


We had a nice hot meal of chili and rice, enjoyed the free wifi for a couple of hours, and headed off to bed. The only thing this place doesn’t have is a power outlet, and my battery is dying so I think this is goodnight for me. Waking up at 6:30 tomorrow for yet another day in the life of a trucker.


In honor of us passing the 1000 mile mark today, here’s this:


    • Susan
    • July 5th, 2012

    Hah! You said flatness. I love when people use that word!

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