ASC log 6/29/12: The Fourth Day

Myself in front of a round barn.

Today, you could tell that our team was becoming steadily more streamlined. We woke up, took down camp and cooked breakfast in parallel, and were out relatively early despite many losing sleep due to the thunderstorm the night before. We drove without interruption, ate lunch quickly, and kept on going. As time goes on, our routine will get faster and faster, giving us more time to relax, see the sights, and sleep along the way.

Driving the rest of the way through Nebraska was pretty uneventful. Quite a boring state overall. I didn’t even notice when I passed onto Iowa, although after a time I did take note of the ridiculous quantities of corn. All in all, driving through Nebraska and Iowa was pretty similar to driving down California – some signs of civilization every now and then, with a lot of rolling farmland interspersed. Because it was similar to California, the drive was somewhat boring.

We stopped in Des Moines to go to Starbucks, not because we love Starbucks but because we needed the free wifi to order t-shirts (which we need in time for the start of ASC in a couple weeks) and to scout out campgrounds for the next few days. We ended up staying over an hour at Starbucks, and I didn’t even have time to post updates here because I had to leave immediately after I finished searching for campsites. Of course, just as we left, a massive thunderstorm hit (probably chased us from Nebraska) and we got rained on pretty heavily on the road. The lightning show was amazing, though.

We beat the storm on our way to our next campsite, in Illinois. We also passed by the Mississippi, and as we pulled over to try and take pictures of it, we got mobbed by a swarm of insects. Fleeing the scene, we got back onto the road and quickly arrived at our destination, the Johnson Sauk State Recreation Area, a beautiful park with a ton of potential campsites. We were lazy and took a spot right next to the parking lot, restrooms, and restaurant. RESTAURANT?!? Yes there was a restaurant at our campsite, at which we merrily ate, over the alternative of eating rice and chili again. The food was pretty good, and we even split a pie for dessert.

As night fell, we saw fireflies emerge again, although not quite as many as last night. The real spectacle tonight was lightning. The storm that hit us last night and that accosted us in Des Moines struck again, this time in full force. While we set up camp we could see thunderbolts light up the sky in the distance, and once we were inside, the real storm began. Lights flashed all around the tent, and the only thing preventing me from going outside and watching the grand display, apart from the fact that I would get soaking wet in the heavy downpour, was the fact that we were back to playing Bang! I’ve gotten a bit better at it, and actually did some winning this time around.

With a full stomach, a cured ego, wet feet, and eardrums full of raindrops and thunder, I am off to sleep.


Nebraska, even though I don’t love you, this one’s for you. I may or may not have blasted this song and sung along to it while driving through the last stretch of Nebraska…

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