ASC log 6/30/12: The Fifth Day

Beautiful view of the lake in the morning.


There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that one of our tents got pretty heavily rained upon, and unfortunately a few of the seams leaked. This made the bottom of the tent wet and soaked some sleeping bags. The good news is that I slept in the other tent. Hooray!

I took some nice pictures of the lake (see above) before departing yet again. Illinois was more of the same corn shenanigans as Iowa, and Indiana wasn’t much better, offering endless arrays of corn and trees. It was nice to see some green, I suppose, although the trees got very monotonous after a while. I had a nice chat with Brian, the trailer driver, and it was the first time he got to ride in a car other than the slowpoke trailer. We drove through most of Ohio as well, although stopping just short of the border.

Probably the most interesting part of today was a brief stop at Hardee’s, which is apparently the Midwestern equivalent of Carl’s Jr. I have no idea why they changed the name, but everything else about the restaurant was identical. Anyways we picked up some food there because we ran out of PB&J, and got back on the road. We passed some cities like Chicago and Cleveland, although we didn’t actually see any of Chicago, and Cleveland is a piece of shit. We visited Starbucks for wifi again, but this time we spent a little too much time there, as we ended up quite behind of the rest of the caravan and they had trouble getting to the campsite without us. Luckily, we were able to figure everything out and ended up at a fantastic site.

The site we are at now (in Ohio) has mini golf, a swimming pool, a pool table, a piano, fishing, showers, laundry, and is pretty cheap. Unfortunately we got here too late to enjoy any of these activities, but I might go for a swim in the morning at least, before taking a hot shower. I cooked some sick pasta for dinner, and then we headed to bed. There are still fireflies here, so I guess it’s just a Midwest thing, not a Nebraska thing. They seem to be everywhere. Here they were different, they stuck around mainly in trees and blinked very fast, giving the illusion of Christmas lights. There are also very loud frogs here, who sound like they are mooing and are very annoying.

Anyways I’ll have to go to bed now with no Bang since it’s late. And just when I was starting to hone my skills…


I sang this in my head when we were shaking out the wet tents.

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