ASC log 7/2/12: The Seventh Day

We pulled over to take pictures during our scouting trip.


It was nice waking up in a hotel – perhaps TOO nice. We were actually all very tired, and I think it was because we didn’t get our usual rude awakening in the morning. We sat around and talked strategy / planned out our next few days in Monticello, New York in the days leading up to scrutineering, Formula Sun Grand Prix (qualifying track race before ASC), and then ASC on the 14th of July.

After talking until 12:30, we decided it was time to actually do something. We ate some lunch, unpacked a bit, and then I headed out with a partner to scout out potential flat, straight, wide testing roads to test Impulse on before the race. We need to test a bit for the next few days to work out any kinks we might have.

The drive was really beautiful – the scenery in New York, or at least the area around Middletown, is amazingly nice. Lush, green, beautiful as always. There are a lot of abandoned buildings and places where nature has taken over, which is also cool to look at. Honestly it would probably be a shit place to live, but damn is it pretty. Also it’s a shitty testing bed for a solar car. Lots of shade from trees, windy roads, hills, single-lane narrow roads everywhere (no passing), small or non-existent shoulders, the list goes on.  After driving around for 3 and a half hours scouting for testing grounds, we only found a few miles worth of useable road. It will have to do. Exhausted, we returned home to make some pasta and play with some bubbles.

We got our schedules set for the next couple days, we established goals, and we ate cookies. Now it is time for bed, since we are waking up bright and early tomorrow to drive Impulse around the streets of New York.


Even if it’s in Impulse, I think I would rather like driving around New York again.

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