ASC log 7/4/12: Independence Day!

Reinforcement Steven joins us in Monticello, to help cook taco meat apparently.


Today was a massive fail for scout car. I started out this morning waking up very late due to last night’s shenanigans in New York City. That is ok, since everyone else woke up late too. However, pretty soon I got sent on a mission to pick up other members that flew in to join our crew. I picked up our first reinforcement without a hitch – unfortunately, when picking the other one up from New York City, I missed an exit and promptly lost data reception on my phone, rendering me completely helpless. I called friends back in Monticello to help guide me back, which did work eventually, but I lost an hour of time in the process, plus however much gas that entails. Alas.

We spent the day debugging the car again, and unfortunately never got to drive it around. As with last time, we had a few people come up wanting to look at the car, which is always nice. We even made a New York state trooper friend, who brought his wife and kids today since he’s off of work.

My scout buddy Pol and I went back to our Super 8 early since we were just waiting around for electrical system debugging to occur, with the goal of cooking food in advance. Unfortunately, I had not only lost my room key, but also we realized that we left all of the cooking equipment behind. Fail. We didn’t want to drive all the way back to our testing ground, so instead we derped around for an hour, and then went and visited the Monticello Motor Club, which is where we will be racing our car in the Formula Sun Grand Prix (solar car track race before ASC) in a few days. The entire thing was fenced off, and you needed a passcode to get past the gates. You couldn’t even hardly see over the fences, since there were lots of bushes obscuring view of the track, and hills and such in the way. Oh well, we’ll get to see it soon enough.

We returned back to the Super 8 to discover that I actually did have the key card – it was under my car seat. We began setting up foodstuffs – tonight was taco night – and ate in the dark while listening to fireworks pop off in the distance. I also took some time to myself to watch a thunderstorm that was happening a few miles away. Every stroke of lightning would cause light to trace the contours of the clouds, which was really cool to watch. All in all it was a good night, even though we ate late. More people = more fun, and the food was very good.

Here’s to hoping that I actually get to drive the car tomorrow, though. I’m itching to get Impulse back on the road. There’s a lot of testing that still has yet to be completed.


Also, 4th of July, woohoo! Freedom and such. Too bad we weren’t in a good location to go see fireworks from.

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