ASC log 7/6/12: The Eleventh Day

Oregon State University’s top shell, complete with phoenix decal.

This is really cool. I’m starting to feel like I’m part of something big. We rolled in at 2:30 sharp for registration, to find that many teams were already here for their own scrutineering. I got a name tag, signed a waiver, and went to go explore.

University of Michigan, Western Michigan University, Iowa State University, Principia, University of Minnesota, and Oregan State University were all here already, as well as a couple other teams that arrived later. It is a very surreal experience to see other teams and their cars. All these people went through the same or similar experiences as us, faced the same challenges, had to meet the same regulations. However, all of the cars have their own style, character, and abilities. It’s almost as if each car is a different person, a collective personification of the team that made it.

My favorite car by far is OSU’s. Their car was destroyed about a year ago, when a battery pack exploded and the car burned to the ground. The driver escaped relatively unscathed, but only by seconds, and it was scary for a lot of teams, acting as a pretty severe wake-up call that this is a dangerous hobby. Anyways, if any of you know me you know how much time I’ve spent on this car, and the thought of Impulse being destroyed is heartbreaking. OSU’s car was obliterated, and then they remade it in less than a year for this race. The amount of time we spent making minor changes from WSC to today is the same amount of time it took them to build and test their entire car, and it’s going to be very competitive with ours. They even have a speaker system set up just for fun. Their steering wheel runs Windows. It’s not the best car here – that honor belongs to University of Michigan, the team that has dominated ASC for years, and placed third in WSC competing against the world’s best teams. However, I’m much more impressed by OSU’s ability to bounce back from such a devastating loss. They have appropriately renamed their car Phoenix, and it has a large phoenix decal on the top of the canopy. The car is painted red-orange and the team color is orange. I mean, how cool is that? I’ll be rooting for them all the way.

Anyways I could go on and on about the differences in design between the cars or about how I feel about each team, but for now I’ll just tell you this – I’m glad that I came on this journey. Getting to know all of these different cars and teams is an amazing experience. Hopefully I will have time to do that whilst also dealing with the hassles of scrutineering.

Tonight we went home and ate good old fashioned chili and rice, and went off to bed. We’re waking up at 5:30 tomorrow, since the Monticello Motor Club (where we go through scrutineering and FSGP) opens up to teams at 6 AM. We want to take full advantage of the day. Night y’all!

Much like OSU, we will carry on through the fire and the flames.

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