ASC log 7/8/12: The Thirteenth Day

Impulse getting ready for dynamic stability tests.


Second day of scrutineering! Today we got a lot of things checked off, and are close to passing. We fixed some mechanical issues, giving us a green in mechanical – we passed various tests such as figure 8, u-turn, lights, visibility, and rear-view camera. We had meat, cheese, and bread for lunch, which was a rather tasty departure from our typical PB&J. A lot of things went right today – we are slowly and steadily approaching success in scrutineering. One unfortunate thing about today was the noticeable lack of team Montreal – they usually work near us, but they were gone today. They had a lot of things to work on, with multiple red flags, so we suspect that they went away to fix things and come back. We had a sinking feeling that they might have given up and went home, and we prayed that was not the case because there are few enough teams here already. We don’t mind the competition. We want as many people here racing with us as possible – otherwise, what’s the fun in it?

Later in the day, by 5 PM, we got to move on to dynamic scrutineering, having eliminated all of our red flags. They randomly selected our drivers to complete the brake and slalom tests. I watched and took pictures / video as our first driver, Jack, eventually passed slalom, but not without knocking a cone down on his first run. We did not pass the brake test, but we got pretty close so we think we could figure it out when we have more time tomorrow. Tomorrow is devoted 100% to dynamic testing for all the teams. In the meantime I hopped in and passed slalom on my second try, although I failed the brake test just like Jack. We couldn’t seem to pass it before dynamic testing closed at 7 PM – hopefully we can complete it tomorrow.

Once we passed the slalom test, we only had three more things to do before passing scrutineering – pass the horn test and the brake test and replace a fuse. The fuse is easy because we can just go out and buy one (although it’s taken a decent amount of searching), and we’ll have all day for the brake test. We’ve been having unexpected problems with the horn. It was a part of the car that went under everyone’s radar because we typically never use it. However, it is very important during FSGP because you are required to honk whenever you pass someone. We failed the horn test because our horn does not reach the required decibel rating from a certain distance away. We tried to solve it by moving the horn to a different location so that the sound would travel better, but that didn’t seem to work. Our plan tomorrow is to get a new horn.

Anyways, we packed up, went home, and no one was working on dinner so we ended up just getting some McDonald’s very late at night and going to bed. I was obstinate so I ate some random leftovers at home instead of McDonalds, but I kind of regretted it later when everyone was eating delicious McChickens. Oh well. My body is a temple blah blah. We’re eating pretty late, so time for bed now.


We have one more day to solve our issues before the racing starts. Cross our fingers.

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