ASC log 7/10/12: The Fifteenth Day

Impulse being put through the horn test – the green shirt in the background has a decibel measuring device.


This has easily been the longest week of my life. So much has happened in the past few days, it’s hard to keep them together – time is getting mixed up in my head. This is partially why I want to keep up this blog, even though I am so late on actually posting. Writing things down as they happen helps me remember.


I’m going to keep this post short. Basically, we fixed the horn problem, passed the horn test, and finally completely passed scrutineering with green flags on all stages. As we turned on the car and tested the systems, we found that our experimentation with the horn blew some electrical component, causing HCI (human-car interface) to malfunction. We took about 3 hours to debug this issue so far, with little progress.


We went out to get some food and came back, to see that other teams are making decent progress on the track – each team has logged between 30 and 70 laps today. Good – we want a lot of competition.


Back to debugging, and I feel completely useless. There’s nothing I can do to help this problem, I don’t understand the system – this is out of my control. Everything is abstract and not physical. Even with electrical engineers attempting to explain things to me, potential solutions that I come up with don’t actually make sense, and just make it more obvious that I don’t know what I’m talking about. However I’m getting frustrated that there is so much talk about what might be the problem and no actual action. I like action. But I guess in situations like this, we don’t yet know the action we want to take. Anyways, I can feel at this point that I’m losing my nerve, and that I need to stay positive. Even though these problems keep coming, giving up now is not an option.


Throughout all this, OSU remains my role model – they’re very efficient, well organized, motivated, helpful, generous, and they have spare parts for EVERYTHING, which is something that I wish we could say for our team. However they help keep my spirits up.


After a few hours, we eventually fix our electrical issues by the late afternoon, and are about to move onto the track. Just as Jack is driving out, he sees smoke and gets out immediately. Upon closer inspection, some wires were worn away and had shorted. Implementing a fix to this takes a few hours, and means that we definitely cannot rayce today. At least we have the next two days to qualify out on the track. This wire fix should be finished by this evening, at least. This is still frustrating though. We can’t keep hitting roadblocks like this.


This song title is an accurate description of the past few days.

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